Rob Benwell

Rob Benwell - Optimal Hosting

Rob Benwell is co-founder and CEO of Optimal Hosting. A London based tech company specialising in cloud hosting, web design software and digital marketing products and services.
Robert comes from the market town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire which is where he got started in business by entering the world of digital marketing where he had major success been a top affiliate marketer in multiple industries including Health & Fitness, Digital Training & Software and Web Hosting.
He has owned over 100 websites, generated over 100 million visitors and has even out ranked billion dollar companies and governments in Google, Yahoo and Bing using his search engine optimisation strategies.
In 2012 he started Optimal Hosting and has bootstrapped the business to over 17,000 customers and multiple seven figure revenue in it’s first two years while remaining 100% debt free.
The business is experiencing high growth and is a shinning example of companies in the east London tech scene based around Old Street Roundabout.